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Workers Compensation Case Manager Page

"With Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy, a Fluoroscopy Suite and Neurosurgeons available, all under one roof, IBI is a one stop shop for my back injury patients." —ATM, CCM

Expertise: The MD's and staff at IBI are accustomed to handling the many difficult facets of a worker's compensation case. Our doctors know that case managers and adjusters need timely answers on a worker's condition. Our staff have been especially trained to facilitate the worker's comp. process for you. We give you confidence in our outcomes and reliance upon our customer focused service.

Cost Effectiveness: Cost is often a taboo word in healthcare but we all know the reality of dollars and cents in the industry. Did you know that 95% of back and neck injuries are treated non-surgically, yet 90% of these cases are initially treated by surgeons? Referring to a Physiatrist provides you with the most direct, non-surgical approach in getting a worker back to their job. Whether through our ability to get patients seen quickly, our own internal pain management programs, our close relationship to therapy services in our building, or creating an effective return to work with restrictions treatment plan, IBI provides the answer for your cost management concerns. With Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy, Psychology Services and a Fluoroscopy Suite all under one roof, we are a "one stop shop" to save you time.

Results: As physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, we constantly strive to uncover the latest and most effective therapies for reducing or eliminating pain. Our doctors are well respected in the Coastal Carolinas based on our results. Our doctors and staff provide the highest quality service and we are extremely proud of our reputation and results.

With the number of providers we have on staff, we are able to get patients scheduled to be seen in a timely manner.

If you are interested in making an appointment, please have your primary care physician send over a referral to our office. If you have further questions, please call our office at 910-794-8892.

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